Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wedding Photographer for your Destin Beach Wedding

Be sure when booking your Destin Beach Wedding that you have a photographer that is experienced in the area of Beach Wedding Photography. Many brides will tell us that they are bringing their own photographer when it is actually someone that takes photos occasionally but has a really nice camera. Are you going to trust someone's hobby for your wedding photos.......the story of your wedding......?  Remember having a nice camera does not make you a great photographer!!  We include photography in all of our packages and will continue to take photos at your reception if you need us too.  We also like to capture photos of the bride while she is getting ready(extra fees apply), these are my favorite shots to capture.  So when choosing your photogprapher please be sure you are working with someone experienced in the field of beach and family photography.

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  1. I agree! I had someone that was an "experienced" ammature photographer. 14 years later I still kick myself for not having a professional wedding photographer. Our 10 year anniversary we renewed our vows with SWC and thank the Good Lord, our photos are breathtaking! Awesome! Gorgeous! Almost makes up for our actual wedding day. I say "almost" because your wedding day, is your wedding day... it's what you remember when you think of your wedding... But as soon as I think of our wedding, our beach renewal pops in my head and am so thankful we made the decision to drive to Florida from SC to do it all over again. Priceless memories. I would not trade our renewal for anything.

    I do wish we would have done it right the first time!

    The lesson here ladies is... you NEED a professional beach wedding photographer, NOT your cousin just to make your cousin feel good. It is YOUR wedding day. YOU will remember it for the rest of your life... not your cousin. You don't want to think back after 25 years and say "dang, I wish we had better photos... but cousin Joe was happy"