Monday, December 10, 2012

An Intimate Beach Wedding In Destin, Florida

Another Destination Beach Wedding By Sunshine Wedding Company in Destin, Florida

Jamie and Jessica were married in a quiet ceremony on the beautiful white sand beaches in Destin, Florida. They both had the sweetest families and the two of them were a pleasure to work with. We had the best time taking their photos, here are some that we wanted to share......

Beach wedding cake in Destin, Florida

personalized labels for wedding bottles

wedding detail photography

Photography of bride getting ready for her beach wedding
bridal portrait in Destin, Florida

Beach house for weddings in Destin, Florida

Bridal portrait photography by Sunshine Wedding Company

beach wedding photography in Destin, Florida

Getting married on the beach in Florida

Florida beach wedding ceremonies

hand in hand on the beaches of Destin, Florida

get married at sunset on a Florida Beach


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